The placement of swing moorings in the Chatham Islands is a permitted activity under the Chatham Islands Resource Management Document [PDF, 3.4 MB] and is overseen by the Regional Harbourmaster.

All swing mooring applicants should be aware that there is currently a waiting list for mooring spaces.

Spaces are allocated to those on the waiting list first.

Swing mooring fees

The Chatham Islands Navigational Safety Bylaws document [PDF, 1.5 MB], was developed after wide consultation with the Chathams community, to support safe navigation practices, to reduce risk, and generally to manage boating and other activities in the Islands’ coastal waters.

The swing mooring fee is $89 including GST per annum, as per what is set out in the current Annual Plan.

Applying for a swing mooring

Please use the application form below to apply for a swing mooring.

A separate application should be made if you are applying for more than one.