In May 2022 the Chatham Islands Council adopted a bylaw to regulate the use of motor vehicles on a portion of Waitangi Beach (near the main settlement of Waitangi).

The area covered by the bylaw takes into account the beach controlled by the Council in the areas of concern, being south of the Waitangi Wharf Owenga Road bridge, and north of the bridge through to the Norman Kirk Cutting (commonly known as Terry’s cutting).

The bylaw:

  • Restricts speed to 10kph in the area south of the Waitangi Wharf Owenga Road bridge
  • Restricts speed to 20kph on the beach north of the bridge, and along the beach to the Norman Kirk cutting (what is commonly known as Terry’s Cutting).

The purpose of the by-law is to:

  • protect the environment
  • protect, promote and maintain public health and safety
  • protect the community from nuisance
  • ensure that activities the beach is valued for (including harvesting food, swimming, exercising, picnicking and horse riding / training) can continue unencumbered.

Please read the full document below for the full by-law.

Thanks for doing your part to keep our Island safe.

Please read the full bylaw below.