We are responsible for all public roads on the Chatham Islands, as well as maintaining an adequate water supply for residents and a sewerage system.


As the owner of the roading network, we must meet legal requirements to provide roads to a certain standard. We are also responsible for all roading-related assets, such as footpaths, kerbs, street lighting and signs, and for promoting road safety.

Water supply

We are responsible for maintaining an adequate supply of safe drinking water for residents as well as providing water for fire-fighting purposes. We operate a public water supply that services the greater Waitangi area and Kaingaroa, and provides fire-fighting capability in these areas.


We own and operate a village sewerage system in Waitangi, which collects, treats and disposes of waste.

Drainage systems

We control the level of Te Whanga Lagoon by opening the Hikurangi Channel as and when required. We do this to protect productive land around the shores from inundation and to maintain the balance of marine life within the lagoon. We also manage a small amount of urban stormwater reticulation within Waitangi village.

The movement of people and goods within the Chatham Islands needs to be safe and convenient.