Welcome to the Chatham Islands Council’s website. Our council is the smallest local authority in New Zealand providing services to around 650 people living on Chatham Island and Pitt Island. The other islands in the group are uninhabited.

Annual Report for 2014/15

The Chatham Islands Council Annual Report 2014/15 and Annual Report Summary 2014/15 are now available.

Fire Danger Today.

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 22, (2) of the Forest & Rural Fire Act 1977, that a “Prohibited Fire Status” has been imposed. “Total Fire Ban” This includes all Rural and Urban areas of the Chatham Islands Council…

Chatham islands Council.

17 November 2015 To Applicants and Submitters, WAITANGI WHARF UPGRADE PROJECT AND ASSOCIATED RESOURCE CONSENTS (CIC/201502-05) I attach the decision of Commissioner Sharon McGarry in respect of the above resource consent applications. The decision is to grant consent to the…