Council income

The Chatham Islands Council’s income comes from rates, Council dues and Government assistance.


The cost of rate requirement is determined by the Long Term Plan as part of the budgeting process and is assessed by property. Your rates are assessed every three years.

Rating table for 2017/18

The table below provides examples of the financial impact of rates on ratepayers in 2017/18 compared with 2016/17. It is expected these targeted and general rate funding sources will continue over the 10-year period of the Long-Term Plan.

Rates comparison for representative properties

Rates by instalments

General ratesDistrict Capital Value of property ($)2016/17 rates ($)Proposed 2017/18 rates ($)Movement ($)
Rural and Residential218,000459.44464.495.05


Targeted rates2016/17 rates  ($)Proposed 2017/18 rates ($)Movement ($)
Water supply735.92744.028.10
Solid waste177.23179.181.95

 Rates calendar

Instalment No.Period FromPeriod ToInvoice DateInvoice Due10 % Penalty Applied to Instalment10 % Penalty Applied to Annual Arrears
101 Jul31 Oct01 Sep 201714 Oct15 Oct
201 Nov28 Feb01 Jan 201814 Feb15 Feb
301 Mar30 Jun01 May 201814 Jun15 Jun01 Jul

Fees and Charges 01 July 2017 – 30 June 2018

Fees and charges will increase in line with inflation, except where they are determined by Government or By-law. All fees and charges are inclusive of GST.

Building Consent Fees

WCC Building consent fees »

Building Consent information »

  • Land Information Memorandum: $222
  • Urgent LIM: $318

Land Use Consents

  • Notified Consent: $2000 deposit
  • Charge-out rate:
    • Administration charge of $115 per hour
  • Non-notified: $455
  • Controlled activity: $682

Subdivision Consents

  • Non-notified – boundary adjustments: $581
  • Non-notified – 2 lots or less: $657
  • Non-notified – 3 to 5 lots: $1517
  • S 223 Certificate: $303
  • S 224 Certificate: $303
  • S 226 Certificate: $404
  • S 139 Certificate of Compliance: $480

Resource Consent forms »

Liquor Licensing

Download the fees and charges (pdf 13 kB). Application fees are set by the Ministry of Justice. For more information, visit

Liquor Licensing information and forms »

Health Inspection

  • Inspection Fee: $263

Animal Control

  • Dog registration: $61
  • Dog registration – early: $37
  • Fines under Dog Control Act 1996 – Vary per offence, (per Schedule 1 of the Dog Control Act 1996): From $100 up to $750
  • Impounding fees: $101

Dog & Stock Control information »


  • Sale of caskets: at cost plus 10 %
  • Sexton Fees: at cost plus 10 %
  • Sale of Plots: $576

Community housing

  • Rentals – 3 bedroom: $126 per week (effective from 1 January)
  • Rentals – 2 bedroom: $99 per week (effective from 1 January)

Staff House

  • Rentals: $157 per week (effective from 1 January)

Coasts, Harbours and Navigation

Swing mooring fees

  • Registration and transfer: $77 per year

Swing mooring forms »

Port charges

  • Waitangi: $3085 per year
  • Owenga: $2571 per year
  • Kaingaroa: $2056 per year
  • Port Hutt: $2056 per year
  • Flower Pot: $515 per year
  • Permission of Harbourmaster – Oil Tanker: $103
  • Application for Exemption: $62
  • Application for Suspension: $257
  • Application for Reservation: $257
  • Cruise Ship (per visit) Fee per arrival $1/GT (Gross Tonnage)
  • Cruise Ship (per visit) Fee per departure $1/GT
  • Cruise Ship (per visit) Fee Anchoring/ Sheltering $0.20/ GT per day or part thereof

Administration Requests

Information Requests

  • Staff time: $40 per half hour or part thereof
  • Photocopying: 20 cents per page copied after the first 20 pages


  • With own paper: 10 cents per copy
  • With Chathams Islands paper: 20 cents per copy
  • With CIC coloured paper: 50 cents per copy
  • With CIC card: 50 cents per copy
  • Double sided photocopies: 30 cents per copy


  • Per page: $3


  • A4 paper per ream (white): $16
  • A4 paper per ream (coloured): $19
  • Envelopes – plain: 65 cents per envelope
  • Envelopes – plain with postage: $1.40 per envelope
  • Large envelopes: $1.70 per envelope


Book rentals

  • Per book: Free

DVD hire

  • Per night: $5 per DVD

Council Dues

No change to dues.

The current special order for the adoption of rates for Council Dues was ratified by Council to take effect from November 25 1991.

Carriage by Sea
Note: m3/Tonne is whichever is the greatest.
Rock Lobster, Paua, Scallops, OystersTonne200.00
Other fish meat and fish baitTonne18.00
Cooler goods (Fruit, Vegetables, etc)m35.00
General Cargom3/Tonne18.00
Diesel, Oil in bulk1000 litres24.00
Petrol/Avgas in bulk tanks1000 litres25.00
Petrol/Avgas in 200 L drumsDrum5.00
Hazardous Goodsm3/Tonne18.00
Vehicles (incl. Boats, Trailers, Motor Bikes, etc)m35.00
Dry Bulk (Cement, Coal, Animal Feed)m3/Tonne12.00
Wool and MossBale12.00
Animals Large (Cattle, Horses)Each5.00
Animals Small (Sheep, Pigs, Dogs, Fowls, Goats)Each1.00
Carriage by Air
Rock Lobster, Paua, Scallops, OystersTonne200.00
Other fish meat and fish baitTonne18.00
General Cargo6 % of freight charged
Minimum Freight0.1

Government assistance

Grants are available from Central Government and statutory bodies for various activities. These are generally given because there are national beneficiaries or they are part of a Government policy to advance a particular project or activity. In the case of the Chatham Islands, Government grants recognise the unique position of the Chatham Islands and the desirability of maintaining a viable functioning community with its own elected representatives.

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