Emergency Management

In an emergency, always dial 3050111

The Chatham Islands Council provides an efficient and effective system of emergency management that minimises the potential effect of all hazards in the community and the environment.

Civil Defence

The Council carries out hazard-based risk management in four areas: reduction of risk, readiness for events, response and recovery after an event, under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002.

Being prepared

Evacuation areas

Map of the Chatham Islands showing the Civil Defence areas.

A South Coast
Eileen Cameron 3050310
B Waitangi
Eddie Fraser 3050106
C Te One
D Big Bush
Albert Tuuta 3050088
E Port Hutt
Marine Dix 3050052
F Wharekauri / Waitangi West
Gill Dix 3050024
G Kaingaroa
Dale Whaitiri 3050251
Mark Taylor 3050089
H Owenga
Nigel Ryan 3050264
Jay Preece 3050449
I Pitt Island
Nadine Lanauze 3050172
Brent Mallinson 3050212

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Rural Fire Services

As a Rural Fire Authority, the Council meets requirements for the prevention, detection and suppression of rural fires, under the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977.

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Rural Fire Notice 2014

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 22, (2) of the Forest & Rural Fire Act 1977, that a “Restricted Fire Status” has been imposed.  “Fire By Permit Only”

This includes all Rural and Urban areas of the Chatham Islands Council territory.  This Notice will come into effect immediately as at 29 April 2014 and shall remain in force until revoked by further notice. Failure to comply with this notice constitutes an offence under Section 61 of the Forest and Rural Fire Act 1977.

All fires may be lit in the open air during the restricted fire season with are fire permit.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Emergency Management Office.

On Call for Rural Fire is Rana Solomon Principal Rural Fire Officer.

On-call for Rural Fire are:

  • Rana Solomon, Principal Rural Fire Officer
    PRFO 3050005 or via VHF channel 37 call sign (CIC1)


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Marine Oil Spill Response

The Chatham Islands Council prepares, maintains and reviews Regional Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plans, under the Maritime Transport Act 1994.

Plans and reports

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