Resource Consents

The Resource Management Act 1991 charges the Chatham Islands Council with the statutory function of receiving, processing and granting resource consents including certificates of compliance.

The Council is responsible for regional, district and coastal functions. There are five types of consents that Council must process:

  • Land use, including the erection of buildings and land disturbance as well as the use of riverbeds and lakes
  • Subdivision of land
  • Coastal marine, including reclamation of the foreshore or seabed, the erection or demolition of structures and occupancy of the coastal marine area, including marine farming
  • Water, including the taking, damming or diversion of water
  • Discharge of contaminants into the environment being water, land and air.

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The Chatham Islands Council maintains and sustains natural resources to protect the environment from threats that could be detrimental to the social, economic, environmental and cultural needs of the community now and in the future… Read more »

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Fees and charges will increase in line with inflation, except where they are determined by Government or By-law. Figures shown include GST at 15 % and are dated at 1 October 2010… Read more »

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